Mansi Parish

Diocese of Banmaw

Brief Description

Mansi Parish

Mansi Parish was formerly part of Banmaw Parish. It was then, after the Creation of Banmaw Diocese, established as a new parish by Bishop Raymond Sumlut Gam on June 14, 2007. Former Parish Priests were Fr. John Yung Wa, and after him, Fr. Peter Lazum Tu Lum.

At present, the parish is under the pastoral care of Rev. Fr. Luke Lahpai Hka Li. Together with him, an assistant priest, three religious Sisters (FMM) and one religious brother (SFX) are serving the local community. About 406 Catholic families with 2261 parishioners are living and sharing catholic faith in Mansi Parish. It has 10 villages with 9 Catechists.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

Mansi Parish Church

Liturgical Timetable

06:30 am, 09:30 am
06:30 am
16:00 pm, on every Saturday



Fr. Luke Lahpai Hka Li

Parish Priest


Fr. Peter Lahpai Hkun Nawng

Assistant Priest

Parish Contacts



St. Joseph’s Church¬†
Kawng Ra qtr.,
Mansi 0114004

Kachin State, Myanmar

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