Nanhlaing Parish

Diocese of Banmaw

Brief Description

Nanhlaing Parish

Nanhlaing Parish is situated (10) miles North of Banmaw where the center of the Diocese is. The name ‘Nanhlaing’ means ‘Red Water’ in Shan language.

The mission was started by the MEP Missionaries in 1901 and succeeded by the Columban Missionaries in 1936. Due to the political situation that pressured the foreign missionaries to leave the country, the parish was handed over to the indigenous clergies in 1979, who were then still very small in number.

For the purpose of reaching out to the geographical periphery of the country and for the sake of the deeper knowledge of the mission, the Society of Jesus received to administer the parish on the 29th September 2017 for the period (10) years with renewable agreement.

About 231 catholic families with 1417 parishioners are living and sharing christian faith in Nanhlaing Parish. Together with Priests, one community of FMM Sisters and five Catechists are working for the parish.

St. Michael’s Catholic Church

Nanhlaing Parish Church

Liturgical Timetable

08:00 am, 10:30 am
06:00 am
05:30 pm, on every Saturday



Fr. Stephen Martay

Parish Priest


Fr. Paul Nhkum Tu Ja

Assistant Priest

Parish Contacts



St. Michael’s Church 
Nanhlaing Village, 0113214
Bhamo Township

Kachin State

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