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Banmaw Parish

Banmaw Parish is the Cathedral Parish of the Diocese located in Banmaw (Bhamo) Town itself, which is on the eastern bank of Ayeyawaddy river, the vital blood line of the Country, and on the highway road from Mandalay to Myitkyina. It is the town where the great Legendary Missionary Bishop, Paul Ambrose Bigandet (MEP) stepped forth in 1865 and envisioned for the spread of the Good News for the region, now as Kachin State. In 1872, Fr. Louis Biet and Fr. Liyet (in 1873) were sent for the mission and they came to stay in Banmaw in 1874. From there and then, our history and journey of faith as the Diocese of Banmaw began.

In October 26, 1958, ten days after the funeral ceremony of the courageous Msgr. Patrick Usher, the foundation stone of the would-be St. Patrick’s Cathedral was laid by Msgr. John Howe, and blessed in March 14, 1961 by His Eminence, Archbishop J.R. Knox, who was then the Apostolic Delegate for Myanmar. The Cathedral became the Seat of His Excellency, Msgr. John Howe when the bishop was ordained in July, 1961.

At present Banmaw parish has about 990 christian families and 5466 parishioners in numbers. They are living and sharing catholic faith in Banmaw town itself and 17 villages within the parish area. There are 25 Catechists, and 5 different religious communities in the parish working and serving the faithful.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Banmaw

Liturgical Timetable

06:00 am, 08:00 am, 10:00 am
06:00 am
16:00 pm, on every Saturday



Fr. John Jangma Yung Wa

Parish Priest


Fr. John Lahpai Zau Yaw

Assistant Priest


Fr. Peter Maran San Tawng

Associated Priest


Fr. John Lahtaw Zau Doi

Assistant Priest

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St. Patrick’s Cathedral¬†
Kokko Taw qtr.,
Bhamo 01131

Kachin State, Myanmar

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