Prang Hkudung Parish

Diocese of Banmaw

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Prang Hkudung Parish

Prang Hkudung Parish is the historical place of the Diocese of Banmaw and the earliest mission of MEP among Kachin tribe. Gauri Krung was the region where the MEP Missionaries started their work for Kachin people. The region locates to the East of Banmaw and extends till China border. It is about 30 miles wide from East to West, North to South, and situated between the rivers named Tahkaw and Namhpak Hka. At present days, the region is divided into three parishes, Prang Hkudung, Sinlum, and Panghkak.

Before the arrival of Fr. Gilhodes in 1902, the missionary works of MEP were at lower land around Banmaw and Nanhlaing, which were mostly occupied by Bamar, Shan and other tribes. With the arrival of Rev. Fr. Gilhodes (MEP) in Gauri Krung, the foundation of faith was laid among Kachin people and the first converts were baptised in 1905. Then the mission was reinforced with the arrival of other MEP Priests, Fr. Foucheus (1903), Fr. Juery and Fr. Louis Lafon, and the religious Sisters of Franciscan Missionary of Mary (1923). In 1939, the mission was handed over from MEP Missionaries to Columban Missionaries at Manmaukawng village, Gauri Krung, and Columban Priests, Fr. Jeremiah Kelleher and Fr. James Devine were assigned for the mission.

In 1978, Columban Missionaries had to leave the Country, and indigenous priests took over the mission. Fr. Joseph Hkangda Kumhtoi became the parish priest in November 1978. After him were Fr. Pio Khun Shwe Tha (1979-1983), Fr. Peter Nangzing Awng La (1984-1985), Fr. John Dashi Naw Lawn (1985-1998), Fr. Michael Lazum Lung Wa (1998-2003), Fr. Paschal Hpaudau Tu Ja (2003-2008), Fr. Joseph Gawlu Gam & Fr. Peter Maran San Tawng (2008-2012), Fr. James Maran Awng Nan (2012-2013), Fr. Michael Maru Tang Gun (2013-2014), and Fr. Peter Maran San Tawng (2015-2020).

At present, about (392) Catholic families with (2,071) parishioners are living and sharing christian faith in Prang Hkudung Parish, and (12) catechists are helping parish priest in (30) communities. The parish is now under the administration of Rev. Fr. Joseph Lahpai Gam Hpang who was assigned as the parish priest in the year 2022. Since the return of civil war in the region in 2011, Priests and the faithful had to leave Prang Hkudung, the parish center, and till now, they are living in an IDP camp called N’hkawng Pa.

Church of Immaculate Conception


Liturgical Timetable

09:00 am
06:00 am
05:30 pm, on every Saturday



Fr. Joseph Lahpai Gam Hpang

Parish Priest

Fr. Paul Labang Naw Ja

Assistant Priest

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Church of Immaculate Conception
Prang Hkudung Village, 0115207
Momauk Township

Kachin State

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