Sinlum Parish

Diocese of Banmaw

Brief Description

Sinlum Parish

Sinlum parish is (26) miles away from Banmaw, the Diocesan center. Located to the East of Banmaw and 6,000 feet above sea level, Sinlum is in cold climate, and one of the beautiful and historical places in Kachin State in terms of its location and particularities, political and educational significance in the past and missionary work for the Diocese.

The first seeds of faith were laid by MEP Missionaries and Fr. Paquet (1928-1939) started the mission at Sinlum Kaba. Then the mission was succeeded by Columban Missionary Priests, Fr. Flatley (1936-1942) and Fr. Thomas Rillstone (1947). In the year of 1968, Fr. Thomas Rillstone had to leave the place and since then, the parish became vacant. In 1960’s and 1980’s, the region was tormented by civil war and people were displaced and had resettled in other places. Since the time when Fr. Rillstone left the place, the administration of Sinlum Parish had been placed under the administrative care of the Parish Priest of Momauk.

About (45) catholic families with (230) parishioners are living and sharing christian faith in Sinlum Parish. It has four faithful communities with (3) Catechists.

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

Sinlum Parish Church

Liturgical Timetable

Every Fourth Sunday: 
10:00 am
before Mass



Fr. Stephen Zaw Min Latt

Parish Priest

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Church of Our Lady of the Rosary 
Sinlum, 0115223
Momauk Township
Kachin State

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