Zau Bung Parish

Diocese of Banmaw

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Zau Bung Parish

Zau Bung parish was first located at Zau Bung village and consisted of (39) remote mountain villages. Originally, the center of the Parish was at that village and Columban Missionary Priest, Rev. Fr. Divene was the first to settle at the village and started mission work for the people. But due to jealousy and animosity by other local denomination, parish properties were destroyed and priests were frightened in many way, and later, the parish center was moved to Man Wing Gyi village, which is on the highway road from Banmaw to Nam Hkan and 58 miles away from Banmaw.

After Columban Missionaries left the mission and Country, Fr. Rosena (1974) was the first indigenous priest to take charge of the parish. Then, Fr. Gebriel Ba Tan (shortly in 1980), Fr. Joseph Gawlu Gam (1982-92), Fr. Joseph Awng Li (1992-2000), Fr. Stephen Zaw Min Latt (2003-2009), Fr. Luke Hka Li (2009-2014), Fr. John Jangma Yung Wa (2014-2019) administered the parish as Parish Priests.

About (534) Catholic families with (3,298) parishioners are living and sharing christian faith in Zau Bung Parish, and (11) catechists are helping parish priest in (39) communities. At present, Zau Bung parish is under the administration of Rev. Fr. Raymond Lazum La Di who was appointed as the parish priest on March 25, 2019. An assistant priest and Four religious Sisters of St. Teresa’s Little Way are also helping the priest and working for the parish.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

Zaubung Parish Church

Liturgical Timetable

06:00 am, 09:00 am
06:00 am
05:00 pm, on Saturday



Fr. Raymond Lazum La Di

Parish Priest

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St. Joseph’s Church 
Manweinggyi, 0114220
Mansi Township
Kachin State

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