Shwegu Parish

Diocese of Banmaw

Brief Description

Shwegu Parish

Shwegu Parish was formerly part of Banmaw Parish. After the Creation of Banmaw Diocese, it was reaffirmed as a quasi-parish by Bishop Raymond Sumlut Gam in 2007 and Rev. Fr. Francis Saw Phay Han was appointed as the parish priest.

From 2012 to 2016 the parish was looked after by Rev. Fr. Noel Relly Daw La as a parish priest and then Rev. Fr. Luke Hka Li from 2016 to 2019. Later it was promoted to full parish and at present, the parish is under the care of Rev. Fr. Paschal Hpaudau Tu Ja. Together with the parish priest, four religious sisters (SFX), two religious brother (SFX) and (16) catechists are working for the local church.

In Shwegu parish about 320 Catholic families with 1943 parishioners are living and sharing catholic faith in Shwegu Parish. It consists (14) villages.

St. Peter’s Catholic Church

Shwegu Parish Church

Liturgical Timetable

09:30 am
06:30 am
05:00 pm, on Saturday



Fr. Paschal Hpaudau Tu Ja

Parish Priest

Parish Contacts



St. Peter’s Church 
Bawgabala qtr.,
Shwegu, 0112001
Kachin State

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