Namlimpa Parish

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Namlimpa Parish

Namlimpa Parish is located in the Southeastern part of Banmaw Diocese. Originally the mission was started at Nam Hpa Lam village. Early MEP missionaries who visited the place were Fr. Paquet from Sin Lum in 1930, Fr. Colland (in 1933) and Fr. Cassan (in 1934) from Ting Sing bum. In 1939, MEP missionaries handed over the mission work to Columban Missionaries.

The first Columban priest, Fr. Doody took charge of Nam Hpa Lam mission in 1939, and after him, Fr. Thomas McEvoy was assigned to Nam Hpa Lam in 1954. In 1959, Fr. McEvoy moved form Nam Hpa Lam to Nam Lim Pa and stayed there as the parish center. In 1961, he started building new Parish Church and Clergy house in Nam Lim Pa village. When Columban missionaries left the country in 1979, the mission work at Nam Lim Pa was looked after by the catechist, Sara Nbwi Tu.

Only in 1982, Rev. Fr. Donald Hong Lum was assigned again as the Parish Priest of Nam Lim Pa. Then, the parish center was moved to Mung Hkawng (Maing Hkawng) village for reasons of political issue, transportation, communication and education. Later, the administration of the parish was took charge by Rev. Fr. Noel Relly Daw La (1994 to 2004) and Rev. Fr. Paul Lahpai Awng Dang (2004 to 2005).

After the Creation of Banmaw Diocese, Rev. Fr. Peter Lazum Tu Lum (2006-2014) was appointed as the parish priest, and then, Fr. Raymond Lazum La Di from 2014 to 2019. At present, the parish administration is under the care of Rev. Fr. James Maran Awng Nan. In Namlimpa parish about 294 Catholic families with 2199 parishioners are living and sharing christian faith in Namlimpa Parish. It has one religious community of Reparation Sisters in the parish and 12 catechists.

St. Thomas’ Catholic Church

Namlimpa Parish Church

Liturgical Timetable

08:30 am
06:30 am
05:00 pm, on Saturday



Fr. James Maran Awng Nan

Parish Priest

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St. Thomas’ Church 
Maing Hkawng, 0114206
Mansi Township
Kachin State

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